Company Information

Founded in 2001, In A Flash Security is a provider of innovative security products and custom solutions. We are a premiere security and technology solutions provider, serving the tri- state area with outstanding service. Our client base is commercial, residential, educational, childcare centers and government agencies.Our clients have expressed great trust and confidence in our recommendations and services. We remain confident that we have services that can best protect your largest investment.

At In A Flash Security we work to exceed customer expectations by providing high performance, easy to install/operate integrated video surveillance solutions. We focus on technology quality to ensure customers a unique advantage without sacrificing quality and competitive pricing.


We install an excellent variety of video surveillance equipment, from very simple low-resolution nanny cams to high-definition video surveillance cameras with the potential to produce enlargements suitable for use in court trials. When the basics of physical security and access control are in place, a video surveillance solution will magnify the effectiveness of your other security measures.


Questions To Keep In Mind When Considering Video Surveillance:

  • What is the area to view?
  • Will you be recording the images?
  • If so, for how long?
  • What is the distance from the camera to the most important items to view?
  • What are the lighting conditions both day and night?
  • How fast is the motion to be recorded?
  • Do you want obvious or covert camera placement?
  • How many sites will need to be recorded?




Our Clients

Read What Our Customers Say..
Excellent Service.

I use in A Flash Security for all of my video surveillance needs. I love that I can view my surveillance from my cellphone. No other company was able to offer me this convenience.

Innovative Technology.

The technology provided by In A Flash Security is the most advanced I found. They use top of the line equipment and are cutting edge.

Professional Technicians.

The technicians that came to my home to install my video surveillance system were on-time, polite and knew exactly what they were doing.